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Do you need a Real Estate Company to help you buy or sell Land? The owner of Wisconsin Real Estate Co., LLC is not a self-proclaimed land specialist. He holds a B.S. in Forestry and Minor in Soil Science. This unique skill set combined w/ Real Estate services allows us to give Buyers and Sellers a level of expertise and knowledge un-matched throughout the state. The ability to survey land and appraise the resources found upon it is the only way to obtain the most for your property. lf looking to buy land, there is nothing better than having a trained professional interpret over 20 different maps sources to determine a properties suitability prior to wasting time in the field. Give us a call and find out why hunters, farmers, and timberland investors choose Wisconsin Real Estate every time for all their needs throughout the transaction and after.

Wisconsin Real Estate Co., LLC promises all clients a level of due diligence with the purchase or sale of your home that is unachievable anywhere else. This simple promise combined with truthful answers is what sets us apart from the competition. All employees hold a minimum of Bachelor's degree or higher. This level of formal academic training enables us to perceive problems in a transaction before they arise. Call us today and find out what you can expect from a company built on professionalism.









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